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Why Live Music Makes a Great First Date

First dates are an exciting and hopeful time, but full of nerves and uneasiness as well. Deciding what to do for a first date can be tricky and sometimes devastating for potential couples. Choose the wrong activity and your date might be turned off, or even offended; but choose the right activity, and your night will be full of laughs and a promising second date as well. Here’s a tip: you can’t go wrong with live music. At 4 Way Bar & Grill, come enjoy exciting live music, great food and a night that will leave you with memories for years. Here are three reasons why taking your first date to a restaurant with live music is a sure thing.


music venue

Everyone loves music, right? If your date doesn’t like music, that might be a sign that it’s not meant to be. From country, bluegrass, rock, blues, jazz, classical, there’s something for everyone to fall in love with. You can be moved by music, it can make you laugh, make you cry, it can leave you wanting more. That doesn’t sound like a bad place to be in when you’re on a first date. Music allows you to get up and dance, let your date see what you can do, let all of your insecurities fall when you start tapping your toes along to the music. Letting your date see who you really are is important for the first date, and music can bring that goofy or even sentimental side of you out.

Low Pressure

First dates, if not anything else, can be intimidating. When you’re not sure how to respond to questions and you want to impress your date, you want the atmosphere to be as comfortable as possible. When you’re at a restaurant with live music, it’s easier to relax and have fun. It can be unnerving sitting in a fancy restaurant, looking at your date from across the table, wondering what to say and not wanting to make eye contact when something awkward happens. At a live music event, the focus is on the music, not the silence that is bound to occur. With live music and plenty of people watching, even awkward moments can be avoided.

Entertainmentrestaurants with live music

An entertaining evening is a great way to impress a date, but there are the wrong kinds of entertainment. Going to a movie theater is definitely entertaining, but there aren’t many chances to have a conversation and learn anything about the other person. At a restaurant with live music, there’s both a chance to have fun while listening to music and the chance to have a conversation. You can have the best of both worlds by getting a table that is reasonably close to the band, but still far away enough where you don’t have to shout at each other the entire time. Let the music loosen you up, relax, and let the conversation and music flow.
The most important thing to a successful first date is to just have fun. If you are having fun, it is easier for your date to have fun. Come to 4 Way Bar & Grill for a low pressure, entertaining evening with live music and great food! Check out our events page and see what we have coming up at our music venue.

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