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Tips for Recovering After a Hike

If you live near Bandera Falls or Mico, TX, you may have hiked or mountain biked through the Hill Country State Natural Area. The natural area has over 40 miles of trails and open areas that are great for horse rides or camping trips. After a long weekend of hiking, fishing, or horseback riding, it is important to refuel your body the right way. Around 45 minutes from the state natural area is a local restaurant with great food, drinks, and more. Come to 4 Way Bar & Grill to recuperate from your day outside and restore your energy. Here are some tips on how to refuel your body.


After a strenuous hike, you might be feeling sore and tight muscles. Take a few minutes to stretch your hamstrings, calf muscles, and shoulders to loosen up your muscles and prevent further strain.

bar and grillReplace Fluids

In the Texas heat, it’s easy to lose liquid when hiking and spending the afternoons working your body in the sun. You should be sure to bring plenty of water on your hike, but to cool down and let your body soak up some fluid, come to our bar and grill for some cold water, delicious beer, or frozen margaritas.

Eat Properly

To keep your energy up, take a snack to munch on while on your hike, but also be sure to replenish your body’s energy within an hour after hiking. 4 Way Bar & Grill is the perfect location to grab some grub after a long hike. It’s important to not eat too soon after a workout, so use the drive time to let your body cool down and recover a resting heart rate. To give your body some needed protein, try our grilled chicken sandwich. The non-breaded sandwich is a healthy after-workout meal.


Giving your body time to heal will make your next hike easier on your body. Rewarding your body with rest, along with fluids and healthy foods, is a great way to let your body recover. After an intense hike or backpacking trip, spend some time to let your body regain its energy. Relax with a few glasses of water and a delicious chicken sandwich, hang out in a booth, and hear some great live music.

Check out our Event Calendar so you can plan on when to go camping in the Hill Country State Natural Area for a few days, and end the weekend with a live concert at our music venue. If you love fishing, camping, and country music, this combination of nature and letting your body recover with food and liquids at 4 Way Bar & Grill is just what the doctor ordered.

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