Family Friendly Activities in Bandera

As the Cowboy Capital of the World, Bandera, Texas is quite the destination. You can take a step into the Old West by visiting dude ranches, expansive Hill Country parks, and cowboy saloons. Even though Bandera is a trip to Wild West, there are still many tame activities to do with your family. Check out […]

A Bar and Grill for Bikers

There aren’t many things in life that can beat cruising through Texas hill country on your bike. You can ride into the open Texas sky with wildflowers blossoming at every turn, dirt roads stretching for miles, and old ranch signs guiding your way. You have your sweetheart behind you and your buddies on either side […]

Memorial Day Weekend at The 4 Way Bar & Grill

Memorial Day Weekend is all about cookouts, drinking a cold beer with your best buds, and celebrating the start of another epic summer. At the 4 Way Bar & Grill, we’re experts when it comes to Memorial Day Weekend. After all, the holiday includes everything we do best — grilling, hanging out, and drinking beer. […]

10 Pool Tips for Beginners

What’s better than a restaurant with delicious food, live music, and great frozen margaritas? A bar and grill with delicious food, live music, great margaritas and pool tables! An evening of billiards, sipping on your favorite local beer, jamming out to some country tunes, and laughing with your friends and family is a night well […]

Tips For Making Restaurant-Quality Burgers

Texans love their food, right? We love barbecue chicken, juicy steaks, and big burgers. Speaking of burgers, have you had one recently? Summer came to an end and with fall in full swing, if it’s been a few weeks or a month since your last bite of juicy meat and fresh toppings, we won’t blame […]

Give Karaoke a Try!

It’s a common occurrence at local restaurants, pool halls, and anywhere a bachelorette party is taking place that makes some cringe and others perk up in expectation. Karaoke, whether you love it or hate it, if you are a regular on the stage or have never mustered up the courage for it, is a fun […]

Come Celebrate 4th of July With Hill Country Live Music

Do you remember what you did last year for the 4th of July? Did it involve the typical backyard BBQ, several bags of potato chips? If that’s the case or you can’t recall at all, then it’s time to make a plan to shake things up this year. Clearly the most all-American holiday throughout the […]

Nothing Says Summer Like…

Yeah, we know that it’s not technically summer until June, but in Lakehills, TX, it feels like summer nearly the whole year. The holidays are long gone, Easter has passed, and it’s time to get into summer mode! At 4 Way Bar & Grill, we know how to do summer right. With live music, great […]

Tips for Recovering After a Hike

If you live near Bandera Falls or Mico, TX, you may have hiked or mountain biked through the Hill Country State Natural Area. The natural area has over 40 miles of trails and open areas that are great for horse rides or camping trips. After a long weekend of hiking, fishing, or horseback riding, it […]

Swimming, Fishing, and Live Music

Want to get out of town for a while? Need a relaxing vacation from long days at work and crowded highways, and to ease your mind of stress and worry? Medina Lake in Lakehills, Texas, outside of San Antonio, is a great place to spend some time relaxing and fishing. Get away from work, put […]