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Three No No’s For Guys’ Night Out

When guys go out together, there are certain unspoken rules that should be followed to ensure an easy-going, enjoyable night with none of that extra drama; that’s why we leave the ladies at home in the first place, right? Unfortunately, some people don’t seem to understand the implied rules of guys’ night, so let’s go ahead and talk about three of them. Whether the plan is to crawl the local bar scene or see a new local band play at our Lakehills restaurant, the 4 Way Bar & Grill, remember these three no no’s for guys’ night out.


No Girlfriends

Look, everyone loves your girlfriend, but that doesn’t mean you should let her tag along on guys’ night. The no girls allowed rule is one of the simpler guidelines of a boys’ night out, but it can be tempting to bring the girlfriend along, especially if she’s particularly easy-going and fun. Resist. Your bros may play it off as if they don’t mind, but they came to spend time with you, not you “the couple.” As much fun as it would be to watch you and your lady be all over each other all night, this time is for guy things, such as shooting pool, eating red meat, or having drunken bro-to-bro’s with the fellas. Enjoy your time with your friends; your girlfriend will still be there to nurse your hangover.


No Randos

It’s as I said; your friends are there to spend time with you, not you the couple, and not you the… who the heck are you? The group you decide to enjoy guys’ night with will likely include only your closest friends, so bringing your awkward neighbor along may not be the best idea. If I may be allowed a generalization, people, yes even guys, tend care what others think of them, even if it’s on an unconscious level. As soon as you let a rando enter the group, the dynamics are bound to change. You may find that your friends aren’t acting like themselves, or you may even find that you censor your own behavior in front of this new person. Leave the awkward small talk and watching what you say for visits with the in-laws, and keep the randos out of guys’ night.


No Codependency  

If your guys’ night group includes a single man or two, let the guy(s) fish. Don’t get offended if one of your buddies blows you off for the second half of the night to dance with a pretty girl, and when bro tells you he’s taking off with her, you give him some encouraging words of wisdom and let him go. You’ll probably get to hear about it later. If your group tends to carpool, be sure to bring enough money to cover the cost of a cab just in case your friend needs to take the car you arrived in. This doesn’t mean neglect your friends when they need you. Just don’t drop a boulder into the lake they’re fishing in.

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